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Lust Candles Date Box (Free shipping)

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Lust Candles Date Box (Free shipping)
Lust Candles Date Box (Free shipping)

Everything you need to create a night of passion and intimacy. 

A Lust Candle 4oz massage candle inspiring touch and romance.  The flickering wick sets the mood and the warm massage oil it produces will provide the oil for a luxurious all over body massage.

Tea lights (6) scented in the same scent as your massage candle will create more candle light, more soft scents to add to the romantic setting!

Rose petals, nothing says romance like candles and roses. Spread the rose petals around the room, or leave a trail as a pathway.

Champagne glasses for your favourite bubbly!  Enhance the romance!

The blindfold is to enhance the senses and fire your imagination. Add some fun to your intimate moments!

If you are shipping this item as a gift to a special someone, we would be happy to include a personalized note!  Just add a message to sender in the shipping section. 

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