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THE KIDS ARE SLEEPING - 236ml - 8oz (Free Shipping)

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THE KIDS ARE SLEEPING - 236ml - 8oz (Free Shipping)


Are the wonderful little off-springs putting a damper in your intimate times?

We can help you with this!

Everyone is tired after a long day of work, kids, laundry, cooking - and so on - so why not put those little angels (or not angels) to bed early and have some adult time?  Start out with some pillow talk and a nice warm massage.  Who knows,  you may be on your way to more than just talk - just sayin!

We have scented this candle in Bamboo & Teak, a favourite of both men and women!

Each of the candles are handcrafted using quality natural skin safe ingredients. 

The burn time on these candles is dependent on the amount of oil used per massage, there would be enough oil for 10-12 full body massages.

The candle melts at a low temperature, the oil will be slightly above your body temperature. 

 Each hand poured candle is made of the finest ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Soy Wax, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oils, Cotton Wicks

 Directions for use:  light the candle and enjoy the beginning of the mood enhancing flickering wick.  Once a pool of oil is formed blow out the candle and pour the warm oil into your hands and use it as a massage oil on your partner's body. 

Never leave your lighted candles unattended.  It is recommended you put your candles on heat safe surface.  These candles are for external purposes only.