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What is a Massage Candle?

If you haven’t tried a massage candle, well, you have been missing out on something great!

Do you want to have an incredible intimate time with your partner?  Are you wondering what you can do to spice things up to create a more romantic and sensual experience, rekindle some romance and get away from ordinary?  Well the Lust Candle is waiting for you!

When you light the Lust Candle you are on your way to setting the romantic mood, candles are symbolic with romance!  Let the candle burn until a small pool of oil forms, blow out the candle, pour the oil into your hands and now begin massaging your partner all over - ALL OVER!

A massage candle is made from the ingredients you find in massage oil, not old fashion candle wax. Trust me you will not be waxing your body!

The massage oil will be slightly above body temperature and will not burn, you can test the oil with your fingers and if it feels too hot just wait a few seconds for it to cool. If you run out of oil, just relight the candle. 

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